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Discover your best

nutritional strategy

Just leave a short message and

I'll get in touch with you!

We can meet over skype for all consulting purposes.

I speak English, German and French, at your convenience

Together we will find your personal nutrition plan


Nutrition is a personal affair! The first principle of functional nutrition is

bio-individuality. Your body needs a personal strategy to function optimally!

Functional and orthomolecular nutrition acts on the biochemistry of your body including nutrition and lifestyle factors. Biochemical imbalances can cause or contribute to a great number of ailments. And your entire body is as unique as your fingerprint. That is why you need an individualized nutrition strategy in order to help your body to function optimally.

​Working with me will help you optimize your lifestyle and nutrition and adapt it to your personal needs and way of life. Your wellbeing is my first motivation, but the pleasure of eating is essential in my practice.


But since your food is only as good as what your body can do with it, my assessment also includes digestion and other parameters of your health. This research for details gives me precious clues for establishing your personal strategy with you.

Upon a 15 minutes free call, we'll establish a strategy on how to work together and schedule the follow-up. You'll receive the intake forms and a food journal to fill out. Upon return of the forms, we will schedule our first online session or one-to-one meeting.

I'm looking forward to working with you, where ever you are in the World. Let me know if you prefere Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Functional nutrition, a systemic approach

Every person is unique. That is why I personalize all my programs to your individual needs.

Using functional nutrition frameworks helps me detecting the root causes of your problems and adapt diet and lifestyle accordingly.

I work with you and your health team (if requested), in order to find easy to implement, long term solutions.


Functional and orthomolecular nutrition tends to establish 

homeostasis, in assessing the root cause of your health challenges. 

Recettes végétariennes, recettes saines, recettes légères, cuisine santé, cuisine paléo
  • empowered

  • lighter

  • clear

  • more resilient

  • younger mind + body

  • calm

  • better than ever


Working with me

Functional Assessment



We send you your intake form and FMP journal for you to fill out upon request. At your convenience, we'll fix our first in person or online appointment in order to discuss your nutrition and lifestyle plan.


Analysing your questionnaire, FMP journal and history, I will establish a personalized action plan for you. 


During our first session, we'll talk about your health history, your challenges and your goals for health and nutrition and we'll establish a nutrition and lifestyle strategy together, which you can implement right away. This initial session of 60 to 90 minutes is held in person, per Skype or Zoom in English, French or German, at your convenience.




You'll receive your personal Action Plan and educational documents per email 24 hours after our first session at the latest.


Depending on your conditions and health goals and also your budget, we can order additional lab tests for functional markers such as nutrition, gut health and inflammation. I work with Viollier and Ganzimmun, but your own local labs can also be helpful and I will include them in my analysis.


We will set up follow-up sessions at your convenience and according to your plan and needs. These sessions help you keep up with your challenges, in order to acheive your health, nutrition and lifestyle goals. 

You’d like to lose weight, or it feels like you’re having food intolerances? You practice sports and would like to optimize your nutritional plan? You’re pregnant, want to conceive or are close to menopause?


You have been seeing a large number of practitioners, but still you don’t feel better? Even if you only have a stressful lifestyle and like to adapt your nutrition to your needs, feel free to contact me for a free 15-minutes strategy call.

After our first 15-minutes call, in order to get to know each other and find out about your health concerns and establish the best strategy for our work together, you'll receive the intake form by email. 


Make the first step today, to healthy weight, calm and performant digestion and finally get closer to your long-term health goals. 

“Working with Birgit

has made a significant

difference in my energy

levels and wellbeing.”

I finally understood that you cannot outtrain a bad diet."

— Christopher P., Athlete, UK

“My stomach aches and

skin rashes have

completely disappeared.

I know what works well for

me and with Birgit's

help, I learned how to

adapt my diet to what

my body really needs.

It fells so much better. Thank you”

— Angela M., Switzerland

Cuisson nutritionnelle
I'll call you at your convenience to answer any preliminary questions about my services
15 minutes free call
15 min
Appel gratuit

How it works

As soon as you’ve sent the forms back to me, we will schedule our first 1 hour session. You will receive your action plan and other complementary documents upon review of the information I’ve gathered during the meeting by email.


Follow-up sessions are scheduled at your convenience, depending on the plan you choose.  

With your personal strategy, after finding out about the root causes of your health concerns, you’ll finally feel more energized, your digestive problems disappear and your wellbeing will help you face the challenges of life and make you enjoy the good things even more.

On the basis of a personal assessment, I will help you on your journey to optimal balance. We can meet in person or by electronic means, my practice is as effective virtually as with my local clients and you will get a written handout with your personal action plan in any case.

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"Root cause


for your


I'm a foodie, what about you?

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